Vancouver freediving courses, training and events

Glow lights for night swimming - Roberta
Roberta Freediving – Baja California, Mexico – 2007
Roberta - Cold water swimming - Jan 2015


Chances are, if you’ve found yourself here, you love the ocean. I do too. Born and raised in Vancouver and surrounded by water, I could never imagine a life away from it. I first explored our local waters as an avid scuba diver. Later, while working as a Dive Master, I discovered freediving and pursued it both competively and recreationally. I also began to take longer and longer swims in the ocean, exploring different locations, competing in local open water swim races, and eventually  swimming without a wetsuit through a Vancouver winter.

Nowadays I switch from freediving to swimming, from suit to skin, and my focus has shifted to sharing my love of the ocean with others. I’m often approached by people who are either interested and ask lots of practical questions, or express fear in some way. I tell those I meet that with proper preparation and some basic knowledge, anyone can enjoy the ocean. Fear is only a result of a lack of information and experience, and both are easy to attain.

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Our core value is “respect”.
Respect for the ocean, respect for ourselves, and respect for the other people and animals that share the water with us.