The importance of Play in Training

13 Nov The importance of Play in Training

When we hit plateaus or roadblocks in freedive training, it can be mentally and emotionally debilitating. In the pool or the ocean we get so caught up in numbers that we allow them to take over. We  know that the solution is to stop and re-focus the training, but it can be incredibly hard to let go and switch the focus away from the depth or distance.

The best advice I ever received during one of my own training blocks was to leave my dive computer in the bag and just get in and play. I now consider recreational diving an integral part of training as it unconsciously hones freediving skills: we build an innate feeling for what depth we are at, and learn to define posture and alignment without following a line. Best of all we reawaken our joy and love for freediving and remember why we love it.

This is a foundation of our training method at Oceanoid – we call it training to success. In Vancouver, freedivers are often visited by harbour seals like this little guy. They remind us that curiosity, exploration, and most importantly, playfulness, guide us to become more proficient in the water and have fun while we’re doing it.



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