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29 Nov Partnership

We’re very pleased to announce that Oceanoid will be offering freedive courses through Ocean Quest Dive Centre.  Ocean Quest Dive Centre is located in Burnaby, BC and is owned by Greg and Deirdre McCracken. Greg and Deirdre hold the highest scuba instructor ratings available and have been actively involved in the scuba diving industry for over 20 years. Their expertise and enthusiasm will ensure that you will receive up to date advice on training, scuba and free diving equipment and in water experiences. From the very beginning they have responded very positively to our requests for freediver specific equipment, and as demand grows, will continue to expand their service to our community.

Our mandate from inception was to educate and train people to practice the sport of freediving safely, and to encourage people in the greater Vancouver area to get in the water. We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and the diving here is spectacular. Whether it be snorkeling, recreational diving, photography, spearfishing, or line diving, freediving is a holistic and fun way to experience the ocean in our backyard.

The past couple of years have been incredibly busy and gratifying – and we want to do even more. With the support of Ocean Quest, we look forward to doing just that.


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